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School of Mechatronic Engineering wasestablished in 1955, being one of the long standing, large sized and substantial schools of Xian Technological University, there are five undergraduate programs including mechanical design and manufacture and its automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, packaging engineering, industrial engineering and industrial design, the mechanical engineering is first grade discipline for master degree and doctor degree. The teaching team for mechanical design and manufacture and its automation is an excellent teaching team in Shaanxi Province. There is one national engineering center, one maintenance center for imported test equipment for weaponry industry, key laboratory for special machining in Shaanxi Province as teaching and scientific research base, two provincial demonstration centers for teaching and experiment and four provincial teaching teams established based on School of Mechatronic Engineering.

The School has subjected to evaluation organized by Ministry of Education for many times in teaching process, with excellent performance obtained in every evaluation. The main courses including Mechanical Design and Mechanical Manufacturing Fundamental in mechanical engineering are evaluated as Excellent Courses in Shaanxi Province; the Teaching Experiment Center is rated as Demonstration Center for Experimental Teaching in Shaanxi Province, having successfully been selected as Innovation and Experiment Zone for Talent Cultivation Mode in Shaanxi Province, with more than 80 awards at provincial or ministerial level obtained by students in National College Students Competition. 

Given 60 years of construction and development, School of Mechatronic Engineering has gradually determined research orientation characterized by manufacture technology for national defense, including precision measurement and control technique, special machining and fluid lubrication technology, precision machinery design and theory and advanced manufacture engineering, having undertaken 13 research projects of ministries and commissions under the State Council, 9 national nature foundation projects, 75 scientific research projects for national defense, 108 provincial research projects in recent years, with 14 provincial or ministerial awards for science and technology obtained.