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School of Mechatronic Engineering has a faculty of more than 140 personnel, including 32 professors, 45 associate professors, having more than 2900 undergraduates and 200 postgraduates, a postgraduate supervisor team characterized by high quality and reasonable structure and with famous scholars taken as academic leaders, 10 doctoral student supervisors and more than 50 master student supervisors. Academician Lu Bingheng and academician Zhu Di are employed as directors of academic committee of “National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Precision and Ultra Precision Machining and Measurement” and “Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Non-traditional Machining” to grasp research and development orientation and guide disciplinary platform construction and 5 personnel including chief scientist and leaders in scientific research from China North Industries Group Corporation are invited to lead innovative team to conduct creative research based on disciplinary characteristic; 16 experts in military field from 7 institutes and 9 plants in Weaponry Industry in Shaanxi Province are retained as academic advisors to highlight the characteristic of faculty in terms of national defense and weaponry industry, in addition, the School of Mechatronic Engineering has also established cooperation mechanism with University of Michigan, Ohio State University, State University of New York and Cranfield University to hold short term faculty training and academic exchange, with 5 foreign part-time teachers recruited.